Building Permits and Neighborhood Compliance

Building Permits

Buildings permits are required for storage/accessory structures most cities and counties and it strictly enforced by that area’s Inspection & Codes department.  In most cases, building permits are required regardless of the following:

  1. Whether the building was constructed on site or delivered in pre-built
  2. The size of the building (even the smallest of buildings may require a permit)
  3. Design or style of structure
  4. Residential or commercial zoning
  5. Permits for commercial property will cost more than residential
  6. Other requirements may apply

In most cases, Inspection & Codes departments will only allow a licensed contractor to acquire a building permit.  Action Buildings is a licensed contractor.  However, in limited areas, Inspection & Codes departments will allow the homeowner or business owner to acquire their own permit.  Action Buildings will not begin construction on any structure until a building permit has been secured.

If you would like to confirm the above information or inquire as to whether or not you are required to obtain a building permit, please contact your local Inspection & Codes department.

Neighborhood Compliance


Chattahochee Co. 706-989-3602

Harris Co. 706-628-4700

Macon Co. 478-472-7023

Marion Co. 229-649-5504

Meriwether Co. 706-672-1283

Muscogee Co. 706-653-4126

Schley Co. 912-937-5012

Stewart Co. 706-864-6133

Talbot Co. 706-665-8334

Taylor Co. 912-847-3435

Troup Co. 706-883-1650

Webster Co. 229-828-5775



Barbour Co. 334-775-2000

Bullock Co. 334-738-0111

Chambers Co. 334-864-4000

Henry 334-585-4100

Lee Co. 334-737-1100

Macon Co. 334-725-2100

Pike Co. 334-807-6120

Russell Co. 334-297-7964

Tallapoosa Co. 256-825-1002

List of Alabama & Georgia Inspection & Codes Departments

Many neighborhoods and developments have strictly enforced guidelines in regards to storage/accessory structure design and size.  The most common item is that any form of metal siding and roofing material is prohibited.  Most require the storage/accessory structure to compliment the home.  Action Buildings is unique in many ways, but one of the most important is that we are a licensed contractor, we build or own structures as opposed to buying them from a mass-produced manufacturer, and therefore we can built to suit with any design or style.  We build with all forms of media (wood, Hardie plank, cedar lap, brick, stone, architectural shingles, etc.) which gives you a specialized and one-of-a-kind structure (please see our building image gallery).  A word of caution:  Just because a neighbor may have a metal structure in their back yard, does not mean that it is permissible.  If you are uncertain of whether or not your neighborhood /area has an enforced compliance policy, please contact your home owner’s association or the developer of your neighborhood/area.

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