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Action Buildings is constantly working to improve our products and customer service to earn your trust, the trust of your friends, the trust of your neighbors and the trust of your family. Action Buildings offers much more than portable buildings, we build garages, carports, specialty buildings, custom playhouses and much more. Action Buildings is a licensed general contractor of portable buildings in the area and by being a licensed contractor that allows us to build your next building on site and to your standards. Action Buildings builds and constructs each building from the ground up, there is no middle man, we do not purchase your building from an outside source. If we deliver your building on a truck, it will be an original ACTION Building that was manufactured in Columbus by local people, our competition can’t say that. We want you and all of our current customers to feel like they are family, when you purchase your Action Building you will get the quality that Action Buildings has built it’s reputation on for over 32-years.

History of Action Buildings

James N. Cantrell

Action Buildings was founded in the spring of1980 by James and Jean Cantrell. In the early years, the small family owned company only sold and built portable buildings at our Buena Vista Road location. Hard work and quality products allowed the company to expand , and open additional locations. With growth of the company the need for additional manufacturing space was needed. In 1983 the manufacturing division was relocated to our 15 acre site on Brennan Road. Additional locations allowed the company to expand and offer new products and additional services for our customers, garages, carports, brick structures, gazebos, truck tops and accessories. With continued growth the Cantrell children….Spencer, Rick, Mark, and Mac assumed positions within the company to assist in the day to day operations. Several grandchildren, and other family members now work within the company. James and Jean Cantrell’s small company has grown to include 10 locations located in Georgia, and Alabama, and employs over 60 people from the Columbus and Phenix City area. Their goal to employ local people, manufacture a quality product, and price it competively, has allowed Action Buildings to expand and grow continually. We are now the largest manufacturer/retailer of buildings in the area, having served thousands of happy customers for 32 years.

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Meet The Team

Brandon Cantrell


Mark Cantrell


Joe Cantrell


Mac Cantrell


Spencer Cantrell


Spencer Cantrell, Jr.


Michael Davis


Tom Giles


Larry Leppert


Richard Long


Jesus Val Valenzuela


Terry Wright, Sr.


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