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Suspension Lifts

Truck lovers, jeep enthusiasts and practically every all-terrain vehicle owners hardly ignore the importance of suspension lift kits. While it is true that suspension lifts are plain add-ons, this does not discount the fact that they deliver significant benefits and advantages.

Which suspension lift should I use?

Really, there are no specific standards or rules that define which lifts should be used. The most important thing is to identify the vehicle’s purposes. There are however, popular brands in the market, Fabtech, for example, that can be installed in almost every type of vehicle. Leveling kits and SST kits are great for entry level clients that do not want to occur the cost of a 6-10-inch lift. They allow you to put a 33” or sometime larger tire on your  Truck, Jeep, or SUV. But for entry level clients who might find it hard to install suspension lift kits, seeking expert assistance like Action Truckstyles is highly recommended.

How suspension lifts function

Suspension lifts are often misconstrued as body lifts. Such misconception is due to the functional similarities that they share—providing height advantage. Yet, suspension lift kits tend to deliver and articulate such result. Body lifts are mainly concerned in lifting the vehicle’s body frame while lift kits do more than that.

The latter uses springs which are often attached at the front and rear side of the vehicle, thus providing better ground clearance and view. In addition, it makes it a lot easier to accommodate large tires. Vehicles with suspension lifts also encounter fewer difficulties when maneuvering in steep terrains.

During off roading, ordinary cars find it hard to go through unexpected bumps which seriously damage the vehicle’s base. Its small wheels likewise prevent it from driving smoothly into steeper grounds. But with suspension lifts added, offroad drivers can immediately identify areas to avoid, thus, resulting to a maximum superior driving experience. They can even make their vehicles passed through muddy and sticky swamps without worrying of any damages that they might incur.

Types of suspension lifts

Suspension lift kits vary. They differ based on the amount of height increase that they provide. Small  suspension lifts  like leveling kits or SST kits guarantee a 1.5 increase while the medium ones deliver a 2-inch height increase. But for those who are into extreme off roading, they may want to add large suspension lifts. The latter can readily provide a full-blast 6-10-inch increase in height.

Suspension lifts and additional car parts

As lifts are incorporated, it does not only affect the vehicle’s height. Somehow, it also alters the vehicle’s functionality.  You may want to consider adding other accessories. For example, since the vehicle is literally higher than the ordinary, owners might want to add electric steps or even step bars. Such will make it easier for passengers to get in the vehicle.

Customized shock absorbers and steering  stabilizers should be also added. These will help trucks and jeeps to avoid fatal collisions and handle immense impacts.

Like other car parts, suspension lifts also wear-off. Since suspension lift kits use spring, expect the latter to reach its breaking point, most especially, if frequently used. Therefore, constant check-ups and maintenance must be readily practiced and observed. But in cases where these have already reached its last straw, it is better to have a replacement. The costs used for repairs tend to be more expensive than buying  new parts.


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